Open Office Design G


Project Description

Surface Area: 20,451 sqft
Year Completed:   2019
PhotographyGurkan AkayALTKAT

mimaristudio implemented a human-centric design concept to better engage employees at SAP‘s offices in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Challenges

Mimaristudio realized the project’s interior design concept, design, and studies, led by SAP’s Global Real Estate and Facilities Management Team. SAP Turkey’s new head office with 1,800 m2 followed an approach that has changed the physical workspace as well as work culture and habits. The project has created a working environment and living space that combines SAP’s innovative, “human-centric” face with its global design criteria.

One of the two floors of the office is designed for employees and the other floor is designed for both employees and visitors. This space was, at the same time, designed specially so that customers and visitors alike could see and experience SAP products and solutions. Also this floor includes different areas to organize corporate meetings and trainings.

A workspace has been created that enables employees, who spend more time indoor environment, to be physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy and happçy, alongside highly productive. An interactive environment was fashioned out of taking corporate well-being criteria—something that the world is hearing more and more as of recent—into consideration. Therefore, the aim was to have employees work under maximum natural light, perpetually clean air, and optimal thermal and acoustic comfort.

Among the project’s other more eye-catching sections are its relaxing lounges (that all employees can comfortably use) as well as its many meeting and training rooms with various sizes and functions.

Additionally, desks, as well as cross-sectional working flexibility, were considered in light of an activity-based working approach. This included giving priority to ergonomics and giving preference to new generation products. The furniture was selected that offered the opportunity to work not only while sitting but also while standing.

SAP Turkey’s new office in Istanbul has planned as a new generation space that allows employees to create coworking environment throughout the day. As part of this, multipurpose areas that are suitable for phone calls, meetings, etc prevent monotony and repetitive settlement.

Mimarstudio took a holistic approach to the SAP Turkey Istanbul Office project and all of its subdisciplines, including space’s design, flooring, walls, ceilings, lighting, acoustics, landscaping, and furniture. In this context, even though the two separate floors appeal to different purposes, they are strikingly uniform in terms of their design language. A leader in the software industry, SAP Turkey has a young team creating dynamism at all level that sales, consultancy, marketing, and human resources, etc. work together. This innovative, dynamic, and young corporate profile has been brought to the fore through elegant structural materials expressed in various forms, shapes, and geometric patterns. This approach allowed for the use of the corporate color scheme to be integrated throughout the design of each space as well.

Acoustic comfort throughout the openwork and living spaces was a top priority during the design phase. Materials were selected based on their suitability—from opting for several wall details and double-glazed glass dividers to block sound from passing between rooms’ to taking precautions when it came to the volume acoustics of the spaces’ interiors. In this regard, acoustic panels along the ceilings and walls of each space constitute one of the project’s key details.

While SAP Turkey’s new office reflects the company’s global profile as well as its innovative face in the information technology sector, it has been designed to be used not only in a workspace but also in living space as well.

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Open Office Design F

Project Description

LocationChandlerArizonaUnited States
Surface Area: 130,000 sqft
Year Completed:   2019
PhotographyMichael Duerinckx
DesignMcCarthy Nordburg

McCarthy Nordburg realized the office design for the Zovio headquarters, an education technology services company, located in Chandler, Arizona.

The Challenges

Zovio is an education technology services company that partners with higher education institutions and employers to deliver innovative, personalized learning solutions. It’s new 130,000-square foot corporate headquarters in Chandler is intended to reflect the same forward-thinking and people focused values that make it the leader in the online education industry.

With a resimercial (residential and commercial) aesthetic woven with subtle elements of biophilic design, Zovio’s new headquarters looks less like a corporate office and more like an exciting place to work, socialize and live. One employee is quoted as saying, “the space is breathtaking”. The first floor totals 80,000 SF and the mezzanine 50,000 SF. This center houses an exterior patio, stadium seating for town halls, a health clinic, fitness center, and full-service cafe. Technology meets creativity with DIRTT modular walls, acoustic panels and white noise systems that strategically eliminate sound overlap.

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Open Office Design E


Project Description

ClientNVE Experience Agency
LocationHollywoodCaliforniaUnited States
Surface Area: 12,252 sqft
Year Completed:   2020
Photography: Sean Gordon
Architect:   NVE Experience Agency

Creativity, concentration and collaboration are at the core of the design for NVE Experience Agency’s office, a space that reflects the evolution of the West Hollywood marketing firm.

The Challenges

NVE Experience Agency (NVE) announced the official opening of the agency’s new headquarters at the Pacific Design Center in the heart of West Hollywood. Built on NVE’s core principle that that ‘the right moment will transform someone forever,’ the 12,252 square foot space represents the evolution of the company, the people and the NVE brand.

The story behind NVE’s new office began long before construction started in early 2019. NVE was literally built from the ground up by Hyman in 2005 and he has since transformed it into a world-class experiential marketing agency and production company of over 100 team members that design and produce integrated experience-based programs for clients including adidas, Amazon, Anheuser-Busch, Beats by Dre, Billboard, Dropbox, Dyson, Lincoln, Lyft, Netflix, Pinterest and more.

After over a decade of continued growth, the decision was made to build a world-class headquarters that was representative of the company’s core values, creative work and diverse employees. Hyman self-funded the new office construction of the still privately-owned company.

The central foundation to NVE’s work is creativity which made it important to design a space that cultivates inspiration and innovation. As you enter NVE’s office, employees, clients and guests will feel inspired through an infusion of colorful elements that evoke the agency’s mantra of ‘The Polished Hustle.’ The entryway provides an immediate peek into the diverse life at NVE including views of lush greenery complimented by slate-colored walls and pockets of modern furniture, while neon signs showcasing the agency’s mantras juxtapose carefully selected art pieces from the likes of Ed Ruscha, Mr. Brainwash and Roy Lichtenstein, along with a custom mural by ThankYouX. Throughout the entire 12,000 square foot space NVE installed massive planters with Sansevieria (Snake Plants) that absorb toxins and constantly purify the air, ensuring fresh oxygen is plentiful.

NVE implemented specific architectural details to facilitate deep work and concentration to avoid distractions that diminish productivity. Employees working under an Aktura Softgrid Wave soundproofed ceiling are able to focus at their custom-fabricated wood desks built by NVE’s Treehouse Fabrication studio. In addition, teams have access to seven distinctly configured, high-tech conference rooms that anchor the office with vibrant interior design touches for brainstorms, client meetings and video conferences. Three dedicated phone booths are open for private calls while ‘The Library’ provides an area of respite with a curated shelf of books about leadership, marketing, design and cultural expertise.

Face-to-face communication and open conversations were key principles in building the new environment. Leading into the open workspace concept, stunning views of the Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills all play backdrop to the larger cross-functional space known as ‘The Arena’ that acts as the central hub for all-staff meetings, training sessions, and company events, complete with stadium style seating and the latest A/V technology. The adjacent ‘Café’ is bustling with employees taking advantage of the modern amenities including kombucha and cold brew taps, often becomes the common meeting place to catch the epic sunsets at the end of the day. Collaboration was key in developing the floorplan and seating arrangements to mirror how NVE teams work together across the country to create best-in-class experiences for clients.

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Open Office Design C

Project Description

Surface Area: 6,458 sqft
Year Completed:   2019
DesignBIT CREATIVE Barnaba Grzelecki

BIT CREATIVE Barnaba Grzelecki designed the offices for Oticon, a hearing aid manufacturer, located in Warsaw, Poland.

The Challenges

The main focus of the 540 square-meter Oticon office design, located on the 5th floor of the Warsaw-based Q22 office building, was creating a pleasant and functional arrangement with the particular attention paid to employees’ needs and comfort.

The Oticon company is a part of a Demant group, offering the hearing improving solutions. Due to the specific nature of the office’s business, the main motive is sound – we can find here proper interior acoustic solutions as well as a graphical symbols and accents with direct reference to the company’s motive.

The space was designed in the modern Scandinavian style – with an emphasis on simplicity, minimalism and well thought-out functionality. Interiors are the combination of whites, soft felt, natural wood, vivid greens and colors referring to the natural values of the northern countries. Deliberate materials combinations create a light and spacious office, positively influencing the well-being and efficiency of the 47 employees.

The key aspect was to adapt the space to the needs of particular departments, hence implementing optimal spacial solutions with consideration of ergonomics and large storage space – which was very important for the investor. It turned out that the best solution was the open space arrangement. From the spacious reception with prevailing wood on both the ceiling, walls and the reception desk, we come to the working space, where we can find workstations that ensure maximal comfort and efficiency. Due to their acoustics, the conference rooms are the perfect meeting spaces, whereas the harmonious colours in the kitchen take us to the peaceful and quiet shores of Iceland.

The elegance and simplicity of the interiors are enhanced by the use of both high quality lighting and the furniture, properly selected by their visual, ergonomic and quality features.

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