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Open Office Design I


Project Description

Client: Biosphere Connection
Location: KievUkraine
Surface Area: 7,126 sqft
Year Completed:   2019
Photography: Andrey Avdeenko
Architect: MONO architects

Designed with minimalism, adaptability and ecological consciousness in mind, Biosphere Corporation’s Kiev office effectively communicates the vision of the home care and hygiene products company.

The Challenges

The main idea: to convey through architectural design, the main values ​​of the company – minimalism, adaptability and ecological consciousness.

The MONO architects team created and designed the brand new office of “Biosphere”, a growing Ukrainian company.

The main objective was not only to create an open and effective work environment, but also to reflect the company’s philosophy and values, which produces products for home care and hygiene.

The office was built using a minimalistic approach, but with careful attention to detail, giving the office a modern feel while also being a comfortable working environment. We also reflected the company’s philosophy of environmental consciousness – using recycled eco-materials and incorporating living plants.

Guests to Biosphere are greeted by a clean, minimalist reception area, the focus of which is the reception desk made of artificial white stone. Most noticeable is the metallic sphere set into the stone desk, which, constantly rotating, symbolizes the constant development and progression of the company.

The managers’ offices are located in the center of the floor. They cleanly and visually divide the open space into two departments – the home goods team and the hygiene products team. The exterior walls of these offices are double-glazed tinted glass, designed as such for effective sound insulation and privacy, to maximise concentration and working efficiency.

In the center, there are offices of top managers made of double glass for sound insulation and better concentration. There are several capsule zones in the office for informal meetings made from recycled materials. The office also has several capsules for informal meetings. These are made entirely of recycled materials.

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Open Office Design D

Project Description

ClientAntunovich Associates
LocationWashington DCUnited States
Surface Area: 9,000 sqft
Year Completed:   2018
PhotographyKen Wyner
DesignAntunovich Associates

Antunovich Associates have woven together the natural character of the historic Uline arena with neutral and natural tones for their newly relocated architecture office in Washington DC.

The Challenges

Antunovich Associates is a design firm with offices located in Chicago and Washington DC. The project is a relocation of the Washington DC office to the NoMa neighborhood of DC. The office is located in the Icehouse portion of the historic Uline Arena building; an architectural landmark that serves as a catalyst for revitalization of this exciting urban neighborhood.

The architecture of the office preserves the natural character of the historic Uline arena, while incorporating neutral and natural tones to create a collaborative and open studio environment. The vibe is a sophisticated-industrial, raw-but-refined, youthful-energetic design that endorses flexible use spaces, elegant conference areas, and a lively open architecture studio. The design employs dark gray accents, solid maple feature walls, full-glass conference rooms, butcherblock desk tops, raised wood floor platforms, luxury chevron wall tile, custom monkey bars, in-suite bathrooms, salvaged Uline arena seating, and flexible office furniture; all with subtle color accents to enhance a refined-neutral pallet.

The office has a street-level entry with doors open to the surrounding neighborhood; the front portion of the office is a public and social stage for events, lunch breaks, and study. A full-glass storefront opens the office entry directly to the street. Tall windows in the rear of the office suite overlook a public courtyard and provide natural light into the design studio.

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Open Office Design A


Project Description

Client: Bain & Company
Surface Area: 54,000 sqft
Year Completed:   2019
Photography: Rohit Kumar

Architect Vistasp & Associates was tasked with the design of the Bain Tak Centre office, a management consulting company located in Gurgaon, India.

The Challenges

The GBS (Global Business Services) arm of our consulting client wanted to have a Technology Analytics & Knowledge centre (TAK Centre) which would be the pride of not just the Indian entity but across the globe, as well.

The site was square in shape and had restricted light on two opposite sides only! Our design approach was accordingly tailored to ensure light and views were democratically shared across the work place. I. Addition, we wanted the new office to represent TAK (Technology, Analytics and Knowledge) and so we cared a social space in the centre of the entire site with a massive symbolic Knowledge Tree! Everything else was made to revolve around this!

The design is based on a neighborhood concept that fundamentally breaks down a large open office space into 9 self sustaining parts that can co exist independently. Each of these “bays” would be self sustaining in that they have their own booths, MFDs, meeting rooms and cabins in an associated manner!

The attempt was to ensure that these bays were visually and physically well linked to the central TREE Social space! The reception was conceived to be optimal and functional, but with its “signature cutting planes” ideation, it makes a statement entry! Very business like and very forward looking with the video wall as the focus!

The meeting rooms and board room are clustered around the reception zone, as is the expandable set of training rooms and coffee counter. The large central Knowledgetree area has three customised PODS made that allow for discussions within a very social space that also consists of stepped arena,s plants, green walls and open huddle spaces!

The monochrome use of space with accents of red and cream are interspersed with graphics that enhance the cool vibe of this knowledge centre. All work stations are height adjustable that allow for sit stand use age and are proven to be medically better for the end users.

The use of green plants and green walls is not just for aesthetics. It to also help in Indoor Air Quality! The paints are all Low VOC based and every attempt has been made to use materials that are LEEDs Certified, be it furniture, carpets, lights, chairs etc.

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