Breakout Space Design

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Training Room Design

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Discussion Room Design

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Meeting Room Design

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Open Office Design F

Project Description

LocationChandlerArizonaUnited States
Surface Area: 130,000 sqft
Year Completed:   2019
PhotographyMichael Duerinckx
DesignMcCarthy Nordburg

McCarthy Nordburg realized the office design for the Zovio headquarters, an education technology services company, located in Chandler, Arizona.

The Challenges

Zovio is an education technology services company that partners with higher education institutions and employers to deliver innovative, personalized learning solutions. It’s new 130,000-square foot corporate headquarters in Chandler is intended to reflect the same forward-thinking and people focused values that make it the leader in the online education industry.

With a resimercial (residential and commercial) aesthetic woven with subtle elements of biophilic design, Zovio’s new headquarters looks less like a corporate office and more like an exciting place to work, socialize and live. One employee is quoted as saying, “the space is breathtaking”. The first floor totals 80,000 SF and the mezzanine 50,000 SF. This center houses an exterior patio, stadium seating for town halls, a health clinic, fitness center, and full-service cafe. Technology meets creativity with DIRTT modular walls, acoustic panels and white noise systems that strategically eliminate sound overlap.

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Open Office Design C

Project Description

Surface Area: 6,458 sqft
Year Completed:   2019
DesignBIT CREATIVE Barnaba Grzelecki

BIT CREATIVE Barnaba Grzelecki designed the offices for Oticon, a hearing aid manufacturer, located in Warsaw, Poland.

The Challenges

The main focus of the 540 square-meter Oticon office design, located on the 5th floor of the Warsaw-based Q22 office building, was creating a pleasant and functional arrangement with the particular attention paid to employees’ needs and comfort.

The Oticon company is a part of a Demant group, offering the hearing improving solutions. Due to the specific nature of the office’s business, the main motive is sound – we can find here proper interior acoustic solutions as well as a graphical symbols and accents with direct reference to the company’s motive.

The space was designed in the modern Scandinavian style – with an emphasis on simplicity, minimalism and well thought-out functionality. Interiors are the combination of whites, soft felt, natural wood, vivid greens and colors referring to the natural values of the northern countries. Deliberate materials combinations create a light and spacious office, positively influencing the well-being and efficiency of the 47 employees.

The key aspect was to adapt the space to the needs of particular departments, hence implementing optimal spacial solutions with consideration of ergonomics and large storage space – which was very important for the investor. It turned out that the best solution was the open space arrangement. From the spacious reception with prevailing wood on both the ceiling, walls and the reception desk, we come to the working space, where we can find workstations that ensure maximal comfort and efficiency. Due to their acoustics, the conference rooms are the perfect meeting spaces, whereas the harmonious colours in the kitchen take us to the peaceful and quiet shores of Iceland.

The elegance and simplicity of the interiors are enhanced by the use of both high quality lighting and the furniture, properly selected by their visual, ergonomic and quality features.

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Open Office Design B

Project Description

ClientRuhnn Culture
Surface Area: 138,297 sqft
Year Completed:   2019
Photography: Li Mingwei, Zhou Yan, Zhao Donglin

inDeco completed the offices for Ruhnn Culture with intentional design for function and form, located in Hangzhou, China.

The Challenges

Instant, efficient and free communication is essential for Ruhnn Culture, since it’s at the forefront of Internet trends. Considering this, inDeco created an open office area, which ensures close connection among the staff and makes the space more inspirational. The designers adopted delicate and rational bluish gray as a basic hue, while shaking off complicated designs and excessive decorations, thereby created a simplistic yet dynamic space as well as a free working atmosphere.

Partitions on the desk and in the space well balances privacy and openness. People, objects and the space are integrated, together generating flexible and diversified working scenes. The hollowed-out partitions within the space look like windows and beautiful pictures, which separate different sections while connecting them as well.

The arched shape of each letter of the brand name “Ruhnn” are subtly incorporated into the design of those partitions, which perfectly blends the brand’s visual identity into the space, makes the space animated and endows it with a sense of layering.

For KOLs and e-commerce, shooting, photographing and live streaming are the most essential ways for monetizing traffic. As designing photography studios, inDeco adopted walls capable of avoiding shadows, and figured out an appropriate spatial depth in order to maximize the use of space and better serve for models’ physical behaviors during shooting.

The attribute of Ruhnn Culture determines that its workspace needs to accommodate multiple functions and areas for display clothing and products need to be created in the limited space. Considering this, inDeco tried to figure out more possibilities, and ingeniously utilized the corridor space outside live stream rooms and photography studios. The walls along the corridors are used for displaying products, which enriches visual experiences in the long skinny area.

inDeco arranged the spatial pattern of the corridors based on user experiences and product display, and created various display settings according to functional needs and the circulation route. The corridors provide a smooth sight line, which enables people to immerse themselves in the space and the display and hence creates a more harmonious relationship between people and space. Twisting and continuous corridors link up the entire space, allowing people to experience unique playfulness and a sense of layering in it. The designers believe that the form of design should follow functionality. Therefore, they innovatively added Arabic numbers and light boxes to the exterior walls of photography studios and live stream rooms, which enables users to quickly find the rooms and identify their status of use. Such design perfectly unifies functionality and aesthetic.

Based on sophisticated combination and calculation, the designers set many public leisure spaces around functional areas. Those spaces not also support adjacent functional areas but also bring fabulous landscape and facilities for the staff. The glass generates reflections and creates a reversed illusionary space. Real objects and glass reflections present distinct visual effects, which feature interweaving of interior and outdoor views as well as integration of dynamism and calmness.

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